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      1. The front page of this site and resources on it are maintained by the Engineering and Materials
        Education Research Group (EMERG) at the Unviersity of Liverpool, formally UKCME.
        UKCME and EMERG

        'The UKCME supports high quality student learning in materials science and related disciplines. It promotes, encourages and coordinates the development and adoption of effective practices in learning, teaching and assessment.'

        What can we do for you?
        What is Materials Science?

        In the Spotlight

        National Subject ProfileThe UKCME have updated the National Subject Profile, click here to view the updated version
        Teaching Engineering

        Teaching Engineering by Peter Goodhew

        A number of key modules from MATTER have been converted for use in online distance learning or in a Virtual Learning Environment, including:

        • Introduction to Crystallography
        • Introduction to Electrons in Crystals
        • Introduction to Point Defects
        • Introduction to Phase Diagrams
        • Introduction to Electron Microscopes

        Click here to see the avalible modules

        Click here to go to the MATTER website

        In the pipeline:

        Engineering OER resources taken from industrial partners

        Promotional quiz and information site for the engineering discipline

        Up and running:

        Customised search engine for visual media relevant to Engineering Education

        CORE Materials
        Open Educational Resource repository for Materials Science

        Materials Classroom
        Educational games for schools and colleges in materials science

        The 'Guides for Lecturers' have been reworked into a single book.

        To download the book click the link below:

        Teaching Materials Engineering

        This book updates the relevant information from the guides as well as new information relevent to teaching materials engineering. Use this instead of the files below, which are here only as legacy material.